dimanche 5 avril 2015

Two Strong Hearts: Australian music legends impress

By CLIFF REEVE April 5, 2015, 2:37 p.m.

One of the most intriguing aspects of a John Farnham concert is ascertaining who is having the better time. That being the case it was clear for all to see that Mr Farnham was having an absolute ball on Saturday night at Sandalford Estate Winery at Margaret River at the opening of the Two Strong Hearts Tour with the equally legendary Olivia Newton John.

Brilliantly supported by the John Farnham Band and a massive orchestra under the musical direction of long time collaborator Chong Lim, it was not only a night of Two Strong Hearts, the opening song after a rousing overture, this was a night of fun, lots of laughs, usually at Farnham’s expense and a journey through 2 musical careers that have endured through literally 4, nearly 5 decades.

For almost 2 ½ hours, together and separately both artists showed why and how they have both managed to stay either at the top, or pretty darned close to it.

For me one of Olivia’s biggest hits, the Peter Allen song I Honestly Love You showed her vocal prowess to perfection and was a highlight, and along with If Not For You, Magic and the truly camp but still wonderful Xanadu she had the crowd up and dancing from early in the night.

And then there is John Farnham, Johnny Farnham, Farnsey. Whichever way you put it That Voice is still a true force of nature. There is no power diminished with the years and whereas some singers will move to lower registers or avoid the high notes as the years go by, Farnham’s instrument soared to areas many singers could not hope to reach with a step ladder!

How many highlights would you like? Playing To Win, from the short lived LRB days, a stunningly heart wrenching duet with Olivia on Burn For You and Tenterfield Saddler, and for me, the magnificent baritone of Lindsay Field with Farnham on Man Of The Hour.

And through all this they, and we had a night under the stars at Sandalford, complete with the blood moon to make it even more memorable, that will not fade from memory any time soon.

Un grand merci à Brandon Beard d'avoir mis à disposition sur Youtube ces quelques vidéos qui nous donnent un aperçu du setlist interprété pour le 1er concert de la tournée 2 Strong Hearts

C'est un réel plaisir d'entendre ONJ interprété entre autre et en duo avec John Farnham  "Burn For You" ou "Hit The Road Jack" .. "Dare To Dream" .. la chanson des jeux Olympiques de Sydney .. 

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