jeudi 30 avril 2015

Good Records

De la collection de Kay, ce vinyle collector du légendaire crooner Engelbert Humperdinck !
Ce 45t contient 4 titres dont le Never Never Never partagé avec Olivia Newton-John !

"Never Never Never" by Engelbert Humperdinck & Olivia Newton-John from Duets EP Vinyl
Order the Record:
Originally from Engelbert Calling:

‘Duets’ EP is a limited edition 7” vinyl record with a first pressing of 1,000 copies on transparent cloudy clear vinyl. The EP features a selection of four of Humperdinck's duets for the first time on vinyl, including “Spinning Wheel” with Gene Simmons, “Never, Never, Never” with Olivia Newton-John, “It Matters To Me“ with Dionne Warwick, and “To Make You Feel My Love“ with Willie Nelson. We are excited to be the first to have this new release for vinyl fans and collectors world-wide.

Thank U so much Kay !

mardi 28 avril 2015

Live Report

.. mais en japonais dans le texte !





Read more at :

Avec la traduction de Google, vous comprendrez que le concert à Tokyo d'ONJ du 27 à réjouit ses fans venus nombreux l'applaudir !
Une toute petite vidéo .. courte et de loin .. histoire de voir le big screen !!

samedi 25 avril 2015

TV program

Michael Corbett : This Wkend @ExtraTV #MansionandMillionaires @myVegas @CaesarsPalace @olivianj ​ Checkout all the luxury !

Ce week end les spectateurs de la chaine ExtraTV auront un aperçu du Las Vegas d'Olivia Newton-John !

- Inspiration

A CHANCE meeting with a superstar has inspired a budding singer to help others.

Bella-Mia, 8, was with her mother Luisa Bortolin at a US talent event when they saw Olivia Newton-John.

The Heidelberg Heights singer was surprised when the meeting turned into a 40-minute chat, with the youngster even singing for her.

The Macleod College stud­ent also asked if she could sing at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre for patients.
Read more at HeraldSun !

Ou comment une fillette de 8 ans décide de devenir chanteuse pour aider les autres .. après une rencontre avec ONJ à Las Vegas ..
L'histoire complète en anglais par ici !

vendredi 24 avril 2015


Pas grand chose ou si peu transpire de la tournée japonaise d'Olivia Newton-John ..
Il semblerait que la star chante durant "presque" 2 heures .. avec un menu qui ne diffère pas vraiment de celui de Las Vegas ...
Make A Move On Me est réintégré au menu !

01. 愛の告白(I Honestly Love You)
02. そよ風の誘惑(Have You Never Been Mellow)
03. ザナドゥ(Xanadu)
04. マジック(Magic)
05. 恋の予感(Suddenly)
06. 愛は魔術師(マジシャン)(A Little More Love)
07. サム(Sam)
08. Make A Move On Me
09. イフ・ノット・フォー・ユー(If Not For You)
10. レット・ミー・ビー・ゼア(Let Me Be There)
11. プリーズ・Mr.プリーズ(Please Mr.Please)
12. カントリー・ロード(Take Me Home, Country Roads)
13. Banks Of The Ohio
14. 愛しい貴方(If You Love Me(Let Me Know))
15. フィジカル(Physical)
16. クライ・ミー・ア・リヴァー(Cry Me a River)
17. 悲しみのクラウン(Send in the Clowns performed by Danny Wright)
18. 心の誓い(Not Gonna Give Intro It)
19. 私はサンドラ・ディー(Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee)
20. 愛のデュエット(You're The One That I Want)
21. 愛すれど悲し(Hopelessly Devoted To You)
22. 想い出のサマー・ナイツ(Summer Nights)
23. ウィ・ゴー・トゥギャザー(We Go Together)
24. グレイス&グラティチュード(Grace And Gratitude)
25. 愛の告白(I Honestly Love You)

26.虹の彼方に(Somewhere Over The Rainbow)

source : Once Upon A time.

- Retro photo

jeudi 23 avril 2015


Du premier concert d'ONJ sur scène a Osaka .. il n'y aura que cette photo .. pour le moment !
(Photo Kiryu1006)

mercredi 22 avril 2015


Pour marquer la tournée d'Olivia Newton-John au Japon, Itunes met a disposition sur sa plateforme nippone une nouvelle compilation numérique PHYSICAL THE BEST OF OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN ! 

Ne cherchez pas d'inédits .. il y en a pas parmi les 35 titres empruntés au répertoire d'ONJ ! 
La pochette numérique rappelle celle de la compil physique 40/40 The Best Selection en SHM-CD à nouveau disponible ! 

Les photos de Paulie B

Quelques clichés de la collection de Paulie B : ONJ dans les couloirs de l'aéroport de L.A, le 21 janvier 1977. (Photos Gary Warsham)

- Le scan de Kay

Ce toujours très joli poster d'un magazine allemand BRAVO de juin 1975 !

Un grand merci à Kay et Paul pour leurs collaborations !

- La version enrichie

Une nouvelle version re travaillée de Cinematic35 sur PLEASE Mr PLEASE.

mardi 21 avril 2015


Amy Kniss @PynkbookAmy · il y a 2 heures
The wig I cut for Pop Star Sia for her live debut in Australia with Olivia Newton-John Sunday night!!!! After spend…

Info ou intox ? Selon le compte Twitter de Amy Kniss, la chanteuse SIA donnerait un concert dimanche prochain en Australie ... avec Olivia Newton-John .. on l'imagine en invitée spéciale le temps d'un duo  ..

On sait aussi que les 2 stars se sont rencontrées à Las Vegas et qu'elles doivent se revoir à Tokyo ..
ONJ est en concert au Japon sauf dimanche soir ou elle a le temps de revenir en Australie pour soutenir SIA .. l'une de ses fans ...
A suivre donc ..


Voici une idée du Live In Las Vegas version SHM-CD réalisé pour le marché japonais et désormais disponible !
Source : Ebay.

T-SHirts & Mugs

Disponible On Line les goodies et T-Shirts vendus pendant la tournée TWO STRONG HEARTS !

- A Few Best Men

Pour rappel A FEW BEST MEN sort en dvd le 5 mai aux USA sans passer par la case grand écran !

Dispo sur et distribué par les studios Universal !

lundi 20 avril 2015

Le meilleur pour la fin

Notre Cap'tain Luke a lui aussi passé une superbe soirée en compagnie de John Farnham & Olivia Newton-John !

En souvenir il partage sur Youtube quelques vidéos : DARE TO DREAM chanté à la fin du premier set ! 


Et aussi ces quelques superbes photos ....

Photos : Luke J. Brighty


Amy Kniss :
I had the lovely pleasure of doing Olivia Newton-John's hair last night for her last show on her world tour with Jo…

- Live Reviews

THE forecast rain stayed away and singing superstars John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John shone brightly on the Tempus Two concert stage at Pokolbin on Saturday night.

The seemingly ageless icons of Australian music entertained a crowd of nearly 8000 Hunter punters for more than two hours, belting out an array of hits including I Honestly Love You, Magic, Xanadu, Physical, Pressure Down, Age of Reason, That’s Freedom and You’re The Voice.

They were backed by the 60-piece Metropolitan Orchestra under the direction of Chong Lim.


Published On April 20, 2015 | By Brendon Veevers | Featured Live, Live, Music

When you think of Australian music icons there are a couple of superstars that spring to most people’s minds almost instantly – Olivia Newton-John and John Farnham.
Olivia began her career in the 70’s with enormous selling singles including Physical and the cinematic treasure Xanadu, both of which have paved the success of Olivia’s lengthy career as a vocal legend and film icon however her role as naïve Sandy in the phenomenon that is Grease where she starred alongside John Travolta in 1978 made the musician and actress a household name the world over.

John on the other hand took a slightly different path and his fame has really been contained within Australia. Breaking out in the 60’s as a teen star he was quick to unleash some of the 80’s biggest vocal numbers such as Age of Reason, Pressure Down, Two Strong Hearts and of course his signature hit and one of Australia’s most recognizable anthems, You’re The Voice from his 1986 Whispering Jack record, the biggest selling record in Australian history. For several decades the once mullet-donning vocalist has lived a slightly less Hollywood inspired lifestyle than his friend Newton-John but is considered one of Australia’s most successful recording artists and easily one of, if not the, most talented vocalists to come out of the Australian music industry.

With a friendship that has also spanned several decades, it was only a matter of time before the two iconic singers would work together again in music and while they have paired up at various moments throughout each acts careers to perform live together, fans have been treated to a joint tour from Newton-John and Farnham over these past couple of weeks with a string of shows in various cities around Australia and the hordes of fans flocked to Sydney’s Qantas Credit Union Arena for the closing night of the joint Two Strong Hearts tour last night.

Read more at Renownedforsound.

Et on aura le setlist du concert dans sa totalité :

First Set:

Two Strong Hearts
Let Me Be There
Have You Ever Been Mellow
I Honestly Love You
Tenterfield Saddler
No One Comes Close
Love to Shine
Age of Reason
Dare To Dream

Second Set:

Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Burn for You
Hit The Road Jack/Fever
Cry Me A River
A Little More Love
Hopelessly Devoted To You
The One That I Want
Summer Nights
Man Of The Hour
Pressure Down
Playing To Win
Hearts On Fire
If Not For You
Every time You Cry
The Voice


It’s A Long Way To The Top

You're the voices: John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John. Photo: Marina Neil
Reviewer rating:
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John
Qantas Credit Union Arena, April 19
Well of course they climaxed with You're The Voice. With bagpipes. Real bagpipes, not sampled from the keyboards. A big, stomping You're The Voice, both John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John singing, complete with 9000-voice choir. A wall of patriotic sound that had the over-enthusiastic chap beside me up once again, arms in the air like he just don't care, dad jeans-clad bum shaking alarmingly close to my face as he belted out the words directly into the face of his equally vocal lady friend. (And really, were any of us any different this night?)


dimanche 19 avril 2015

BEST show ever !

Photo : William Brougham

John Farnham et Olivia Newton-John ont donné ce dimanche 19 avril, à Sydney, leur dernier concert de leur tournée australienne 2 Strong Hearts

Les critiques ont été dithyrambiques et le public australien s'est rendu massivement à ces rendez vous si uniques ...

Notre amie Rob a eu la chance d'assister à ce dernier concert et d'entendre ONJ interpréter des chansons qu'elle n'a pas l'habitude de chanter sur scène ..

ONJ est attendue au Japon le 23 avril pour une autre tournée d'un autre genre ..

From our dearest Rob : BEST show ever ! I can tell by Olivia's face she had so much fun ! 
I loved every minute ! Loved seeing Olivia singing songs she doesn't usually sing !

Un grand merci à Rob pour ses superbes photos !!

samedi 18 avril 2015

A bereavement journey

La petite nouvelle du jour vient du site ... Amy Sky qui multiplie les concerts ces derniers temps travaille également sur le nouveau projet d'Olivia Newton-John en collaboration avec Beth Nielsen Chapman. Ce n'est pas vraiment un scoop .. mais le projet ne verrait la lumière qu'en 2016 !
Il va falloir se faire une raison ...

Amy Sky is currently producing a record with Grammy nominated artists Olivia Newton-John and Beth Neilsen Chapman, set for release in 2016. Each of them intent on bringing a visceral sense of humanity to their work, this project centres on material inspired by the bereavement journey.



L'infatigable ONJ backstage ... hier soir ... entre son mari et son ami John DEE .. foundateur de Planet Ark !

Et ONJ sur la scène dréssée à Hunter Valley en compagnie de John Farnham .. pour un avant dernier concert ..

Photo : Bronwyn Cook.

mercredi 15 avril 2015

Enhanced Version

Une nouvelle version "enrichie" de cinematic35 sur le légendaire DON'T STOP BELIEVIN' d'ONJ !

- Sans commentaires

The voices

2 petites vidéos .. ONJ en duo avec John Farnham sur Your the Voice et en solo sur Have You Never Been Mellow ..2 ambiances différentes ..  
On espère que le ou les cameramans qui se baladent sur la scène ne sont pas là que pour "illustrer" les grands écrans du concert .... sait on jamais ? !!

Amusant : une idée de la scène qui se construit à Tempus Two Winery pour le concert du 18 avril !

Stage construction for Two Strong Hearts - @johnfarnham & @olivianj Concert at @TempusTwoWines begins #TempusTwo

mardi 14 avril 2015

As good as ever

La tournée 2 Strong Hearts est sur le point de s'achever ... Olivia Newton-John et John Farnham doivent assurer encore 2 autres concerts !! 

Les critiques ont été dithyrambiques ... le concept original ONJ chante si peu en Australie 

Music veterans John ­Farnham and Olivia Newton-John as good as ever

THEY are two of Australia’s most ­iconic voices and last night John ­Farnham and Olivia Newton-John brought the crowd to their feet at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

The singers, each of whom has been performing for more than fifty years, haven’t let age slow them down and worked the stage like the renowned professionals they are.

Farnham and Newton-John are longtime friends and their mutual ­affection is obvious when performing together.

That, and the fact both their singing voices are as strong as ever, has been earning them rave reviews as they perform around the country.

Their next stop is Sydney, the final date on their Two Strong Hearts tour.


Posted by Rodney Magazinovic

John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John, two of the most amazing performers to ever come out of Australia have joined together to create the Two Strong Hearts Tour, and the show in Adelaide was easily the best and most enjoyable concert I have ever attended.
10,000 fans filled the Adelaide Entertainment Centre for a night of amazing music, sing-alongs and of coarse, with John around, a lot of laughs. The atmosphere in the room was electric, seeing both Olivia and John having such as joyous time on stage was infectious to the crowd. Everyone felt important and like the show was just for them, these two talented performers are so humble and realise their fan base is one of the main reasons their careers are still going strong after so many years.


Photos - Rodney Magazinovic


- The Advertiser

Mr Easterling a fêté son birthday dans un restaurant indien situé au nord de la ville d'Adélaide vendredi dernier. ONJ a été impréssionné par la cuisine du resto !
Le proprio du Beyond Indian Restaurant se souviendra sans doute longtemps de cette charmante visite ...


De la collection de Kay, cet article allemand d'un magazine pour teenagers BRAVO de juin 1972 !

Un grand merci à Kay !