vendredi 20 mars 2015

Breakfast with Russell Woolf

Cammo finally speaks to Olivia Newton-John
20/03/2015 , 10:03 AM by Brad McCahon

Cammo has been broadcasting since 1969 and during that time he has spoken with many famous people. Somehow Olivia Newton-John has managed to escape his net. That has all changed now and Olivia joined Cammo on the breakfast program. Olivia has tried her hand at so many things - Eurovision, pop music, country music and movies. She has also raised awareness about a number of causes close to her heart. Soon Olivia will be back in the West performing with John Farnham, his band and a 60 piece orchestra for the 'Two Strong Hearts Tour.'

You can follow this conversation by clicking HERE !

Olivia Newton-John sera de retour en Australie pour une tournée partagée avec John Farhnam ! Pour cette occasion elle vient d'accorder une interview téléphonique à l'animateur radio Russell Woolf sur 720 ABC Perth !
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- Retro photo

Olivia Newton-John in London / Londres novembre 1983 pour la promotion du film SECOND CHANCE !

Et en "rétro vidéo" l'interview TV pour le tournage du clip Desperate Time !

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