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We 'honestly love' their Q&A with Olivia Newton-John

A l'oaccasion d'une interview pour le Florida Today, Olivia Newton-John a laché quelques petites informations concernant ses futurs projets musicaux ..

On la savait très occupée à finaliser un projet avec sa fille Chloe .. pour un prochain album ..! On ne sait pas si Chloe se limitera uniquement à produire ou/et à composer pour sa mère .. et/ou partager quelques vocalises !

Olivia Newton-John à également un autre projet sous le coude .. un album en collaboration avec d'autres interprêtes/compositrices féminines ... et là on pense bien sur aux excellentes Amy Sky et Beth Nielsen Chapman .. mais pas que !
Bien sur, ONJ reste très discrète pour le moment et on peut la comprendre .. 

L'année 2015 semble être d'un bon cru pour ses fans ... enfin presque tous ses fans .. les européens font un peu la tronche de ne pas la revoir refouler la bonne vieille Europe .. pour une mini tournée ...

Whether you know her as a chart-topping singer in the '70s with hits such as "I Honestly Love You," "Have You Never Been Mellow" and "Please Mr. Please," or in the '80s with "Physical" and "Heart Attack" and her iconic roles as Sandy in "Grease" and Kira in "Xanadu," one thing is certain — Olivia Newton-John is unforgettable.

Celebrating more than 50 years in show business, Newton-John has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, won four Grammy Awards, an Emmy, numerous People's Choice Awards and more.

Fans can catch a rare Central Florida appearance with Newton-John at Universal Orlando Resort's 2015 Mardi Gras Celebration, which kicks off this weekend. The event will feature 16 nights of concerts from some of music's biggest names. Newton-John will get things started.

Her Las Vegas show "Summer Nights" currently has residency at the world-famous Flamingo Hotel and Casino and has been extended through 2015.

QUESTION: The younger generation probably identifies with you more as an actress while others identify with you as a singer. In your own opinion, are you a singer who just happens to act, or an actress who just happens to sing?

ANSWER: I am a singer who acts. I guess it depends on if you grew up seeing me on "Grease" or "Xanadu" or knew me from my singing before on how you relate to me.

Q: While you are in town, you are not only performing at Universal Orlando's Mardi Gras, but also doing shows for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute and the Moffitt Cancer Center. Was your sister's passing from cancer the reason you became involved?

A: No, I actually have been involved with them for over 12 years. Lee Moffitt was actually a mentor to me, served on my board and is very dear to me. Losing my sister, who I love very much, kept me going strong. My goal is for us to beat this, and I believe sometime in my lifetime we will find a cure and end cancer.

Q: With more than 50 years in the entertainment business, what do you consider your biggest motivation to perform?

A: I just enjoy it. Singing is a part of me. Music is a part of who I am. I can't do this forever, so I am enjoying every minute that I can still do it.

Q: If you could go back in your career and do one thing over, what would it be?

A: I don't think there is anything I would do different. Everything I have done, whether good or bad, was a lesson in some way and helped get me to where I am now.

Q: What is the most embarrassing stage moment you've ever had?

A: Oh, there have been a lot and quite often. I have had my fair share of wardrobe malfunctions, but nothing too bad. I have forgotten lyrics before and that's always my biggest nightmare. I had that happen before and I just had to stop the song and start over. I got a good laugh out of it and so did the audience, so that did a lot to break down that fear. You always worry you will forget the lyrics, or forget what you are supposed to do next.

Q: What is the most ridiculous thing you have ever seen written about you in the tabloids?

A: There has been a lot, but I am not going to repeat it. That would just perpetuate their nonsense.

Q: For an up-and-coming artist, social media is critical to success. Is it important for an established artists such as yourself?

A: It is hard to really know. I know it has value and it is a great way to get the word out instantly. You can reach people very quickly, so that's a big plus for an artist like me, too. I don't do a lot of it myself, but if I have something I want to say, something I really care about, it is a great way to get that out there.

Q: After having done a residency at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, which was just renewed, is it hard for you to get out there and do a regular tour?

A: Well, this is just a short tour and is nothing major. Being that this tour is just in one state (Florida) it's not so bad. Vegas is wonderful because I'm in the same place every night, I have a schedule which I never had before, and I get to sleep in the same bed every night. I live in Florida part-time, so this tour isn't too tough on me.

Q: Which do you enjoy more, recording music or playing live?

A: I used to really love the recording side more, but now it's about 50/50. I have a great band, and I love the daily interaction with the band and with the fans. We are like a family and that interaction with the band and connection with the audience makes it fun. So even though I used to like recording more, it really is 50/50 now.

Q: What is next for you musically?

A: My daughter, Chloe, and I are recording an album together. We hope to have that out in a couple of months. I am also working on an album with a couple of great female singer/songwriters, but we aren't ready to reveal any more details on that just yet. So I am staying busy and working on those two projects.

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- Superstar

Le 4 février 1983, il y a 32 ans déjà, l'une des plus jolies voix de la musique pop américaine s'éteignait !  
Karen Carpenter mourut à l'âge de 32 ans d'un arrêt cardiaque, plus tard attribué aux complications dues à une anorexie mentale. Olivia Newton-John perdait aussi l'une de ses amies. 

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