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John Farnham to wear a leotard if Olivia Newton-John plays Physical on their joint tour

IF you were disappointed John Farnham didn’t sing with Lionel Richie on their joint tour this year you were not alone.....

Anyone fearing another ships-in-the-night approach to Farnham’s next double header tour, with Olivia Newton-John next year, can relax.

“Oh no, this one will be completely different,” Farnham assures. “Olivia and are right up for working together. That’s what excited her when I first spoke to her about doing this, she was into it at a million miles an hour. Olivia and I is a natural fit. We’re very different, she’s a lady and I’m a man but we get on, we know each other well and we like each other. You never know what could happen.”

There’s a long history of Farnsey and Livvie working together, stretching back to the `70s, with various TV shows, parties and charity gigs. The biggest example was a duet at the opening of the Olympics in Sydney in 2000. Before that they took part in The Main Event, the 1998 arena tour where the pair were joined by Anthony Warlow. The most recent was Farnham flying down from his Queensland home to sing with Olivia at a charity ball for her Cancer and Wellness Centre last month.

“I can’t say no to her,” Farnham said of the September pairing.

“We hadn’t rehearsed. I’m getting a bit old now, so I’ve got a screen in front of me with the lyrics on them, I have no problem saying that. I very rarely refer to them, but it’s like a little safety net. So many people are using them now, it’s a handy little thing. If she wasn’t quite sure of the lyric of AC/DC’s It’s a Long Way to the Top If You Wanna Rock and Roll she was able to glance at the screen and get a refresher course. We didn’t rehearse, we just went and did it, and it was great.”

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Pour le moment, c'est John Farnham qui assure la promotion de la prochaine tournée australienne et en duo avec Olivia Newton-John intitulée TWO STRONG HEARTS TOUR prévue en avril 2015.

Rien ne semble encore transpirer de leur projet commun... pas  de nouveaux concepts, pas de nouvelles chansons ... rien .. absolument rien ! 
On sait juste que John Farnham, fidèle à sa réputation, est prêt à endosser un justaucorps pour chanter en duo le tubesque Physical avec Olivia que les 2 stars seront accompagnées par l'orchestre de John Farnham composé de 60 musiciens.

Pour le reste de l'histoire ... il vous faudra lire en anglais l'article de et attendre sagement le mois d'avril de l'année 2015 ...pour en savoir un peu plus !

Les places seront mises en vente le 20 octobre .. c'est à dire lundi prochain sur Ticketmaster !

John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John.
Sandalford Estate, Margaret River, April 4.
Rod Laver Arena, April 8. Adelaide Entertainment Centre April 11.
Brisbane Entertainment Centre April 14.
Tempus Two Winery, Hunter Valley, April 18.
Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney, April 19.

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