vendredi 25 juillet 2014

27 Women You Fell In Love With During The 1970s

In your formative years, they were the women on your wall. They caught your eye and dropped your jaw. Sure, the girl you took to the dance or stole your first kiss from was special, but these ladies became part of your dreams. They played characters you could relate to or fell in love with and sang songs you swore were about you. 

And they were drop-dead gorgeous, of course.
Was it love? Of course it was. 

It was the 1970s and these were the women you fell in love with....

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Le site américain WCBSFM s'est amusé à dresser la liste de 27 jolies femmes ...toutes célèbres dans les années 70 ...qui ont fait le bonheur des teenagers américains ... mais pas que !!

Farrah Fawcett, Olivia Newton-John ou Donna Summer étaient sans doute celles que l'on aimait accrocher ... en poster ... sur nos murs de chambres d'ados boutonneux ...

- Photo

Une photo original d'Olivia Newton-John par le photographe australien Shane Monopoli ... au début des années 2000.

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